Rainbow Obsidian Meaning & Healing Properties

The rainbow obsidian stone is a type of volcanic glass that has been known to be used since prehistoric times. The rainbow obsidian is one of the most well known obsidian crystal in the world right now. From spiritual healing and protection, to meditation and grounding, the rainbow obsidian crystal will help you with any situation. This article will discuss what rainbow obsidian means and how it can heal on an emotional level.

rainbow obsidian healing properties

What Is Rainbow Obsidian?

Rainbow obsidian is a popular healing crystal that has been around for centuries. It has been used for spiritual protection, grounding and healing on an emotional level.

This stone gets its name from the rainbow shimmering effect that is seen in some specimens when you turn it to the light at different angles. The rainbow obsidian will vary in color depending on which elements were present during formation such as magnesium, iron and others. There are several similarities between this type of volcanic glass and black obsidian; they both have a level six hardness rating (out of seven) making them very durable and long lasting stones for jewelry or tools like knives or hammers that can be made out of these materials.

The rainbow obsidian crystal works quickly with your energy field because there is less water content than most other types of crystals which can help to release negative energies within your aura. The rainbow obsidian is also known as a stone of illumination and can help to give you insight into situations or problems that may be holding you back from achieving success in life; this makes it great for use during meditation sessions.

The healing properties found within the rainbow obsidian crystal make them an excellent choice for those who want to work on their self-healing abilities because they align with specific chakras which will encourage energy flow through these points along your spine. These stones are best used by individuals who suffer from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and need assistance working through past traumas, depression related issues such as bipolar disorders and other mental health conditions like anxiety attacks.

One thing many people do not know about this particular stone is that it holds within its energy all colors in the spectrum. During mediation or using this stone for your personal power, you may feel as though you are listening to yourself talk (or even arguing) through your mind; however there is no other person present- this feeling comes from the spirit guides who often communicate through

Rainbow Obsidian Meaning

The meaning behind the rainbow obsidian crystal is about healing and transformation. The rainbow obsidian stone was formed through volcanic eruptions, when the earth’s crust cooled at a rapid rate which caused intense pressure within the lava that had just erupted from Mount Etna in Sicily Italy. This intense cooling process is what creates such beautiful colors in crystals like the rainbow obsidian crystal we see today.

Roughly 400 million years ago there were four volcanoes on top of each other- this created an effect where all these different elements mixed together to form two types of rocks: basaltic and rhyolitic rock. Basaltic rocks are dark in color while rhyolites tend to be shiny due to their high viscosity (or low gas content).

The rainbow obsidian crystal is know for being able to help people to feel better and more at peace with themselves, as well as helping them to deal any negative emotions they may be having. This is because the rainbow obsidian crystal has a powerful energy that can cut through illusions and help you understand what’s really happening in your life so you don’t get stuck dwelling on things.

The best way for someone to use this stone would be by holding it up towards the sky (or ceiling if indoors) above their head. Then hold it in front of their third eye- right between their eyes roughly an inch away from the forehead while taking deep breaths inwards into the belly before exhaling outwards through your mouth.

What Is Rainbow Obsidian Good For?

The rainbow obsidian crystal is good for individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression or who are feeling stuck in their lives. This stone can help you to release anger and resentments so that you can move forward with your life. It is also good for people who want to overcome addictions such as smoking because it will bring clarity into your life which will allow the addiction to be released from your body naturally over time rather than having feelings of withdrawal.

The rainbow obsidian healing crystal may not look like much but its energy makes up for what it lacks in appearance! Its powerful energy helps cut through illusions and brings truth into our lives so we can avoid getting caught up on things that don’t matter anymore. The best way someone could use this crystal would be by holding it above their head while they are meditating or practicing mindfulness.

How To Cleanse Rainbow Obsidian

When it comes to cleansing you rainbow obsidian, you always want to make sure that they are cleansed on a regular basis so that any negative energy is removed from them over time; if not, then the crystal may end up storing all of this negativity inside of itself which can be very harmful for someone’s physical or mental health! The best way I’ve heard it being described is like when you get ill and feel sick: every time something happens where there is change in our lives we tend to get colds because of how much stress we have been under lately.

There are a few different ways to cleanse rainbow obsidian. One of the best ways is to leave it outside under a full moon overnight so that all of the energy can be released from its core. You could also place them by salt lamps or put some sage inside your home and let it cleanse whatever crystals you have lying around. It is important to find the best cleansing method for you and your lifestyle.

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