Gold Sheen Obsidian Meaning & Healing Properties

Gold obsidian is one of the most unique types of obsidian crystals. This stone is characterized by a gold sheen or metallic appearance. It is one of the most popular stones used for jewelry, and people love its unique color! Despite being so beautiful, it also has some powerful healing properties that can help heal emotional pain. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the healing properties of gold obsidian as well as what it is good for.

gold obsidian meaning

What Is Gold Sheen Obsidian?

Gold sheen obsidian is one of the most popular types of obsidian. It is also known as gold sheen obsidian, sunstone or rainbow quartz because it contains small shiny particles that look like flakes or scales. This stone has an opaque base color with a golden shimmer to it which makes it different from other types of obsidian stones.

It can be found all over the world, but most often in locations where volcanoes are present such as Mexico and Iceland. Gold sheen obsidian is often referred to as just gold obsidian but it is known for its beautiful shine and golden color. It contains a high concentration of pyroxene and it is usually mined in the US, Mexico or Japan.

Gold sheen obsidian comes from magma which cooled down very slowly inside a volcano’s crater giving this stone its unique shine with gold flakes that look like scales on top of an opaque black background.

This type of obsidian was used by ancient civilizations for arrowheads, knives and other tools because it can be easily carved into different shapes when hot but once cools down becomes extremely hard to work with again. This is why many people use gold sheen obsidian as decorative material instead of using it for practical purposes nowadays.

Gold Obsidian Meaning

The true meaning of gold sheen obsidian is very deep and mysterious because this stone doesn’t have any metaphysical properties which makes it hard to pinpoint the exact meaning of gold sheen obsidian. Its name comes from its shiny appearance resembling a golden color but there’s no proof that ancient civilizations knew about this metallic flake inclusions which is why we can only speculate what they saw when looking at these stones. Some people believe that gold sheen obsidian has healing powers while others think it increases your intuitive abilities, mental telepathy and enhances spiritual awareness.

Even though there are many theories explaining the true meaning behind gold sheen obsidian, all experts agree on one thing – gold obsidian can help to release trapped emotions and promote self-awareness.

Gold sheen obsidian is also known as goldstone or sunstone. It’s usually found in volcanic lava that cooled down quickly – this process gave the stone its metallic flakes which are visible to the naked eye after cutting it open with a knife. Gold sheen obsidian comes from Mexico, South America but there were reports of rare pieces being mined back in ancient times at Mount Vesuvius where locals used them for their ceremonial swords because they thought these stones had magic powers! Nowadays you can find gold sheen obsidians everywhere around the world.

What Is Gold Obsidian Good For?

Gold obsidian is good for grounding and energizing the body. It’s a great stone for healing past traumas because it helps you accept that everything has to end, even good memories! So if something was truly meant to be in your life – like an event or person – then they will come back into your life when the time is right. Gold sheen obsidian works as a protective shield which means that no negative energy can penetrate this barrier so don’t worry about bad vibes from people around you getting through to harm you. This stone also enhances honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness making gold sheen obsidians perfect crystals for those who are involved with business relations since these qualities are essential for any successful cooperation between two persons.

Gold sheen obsidian helps to improve the concentration and the ability to make quick decisions since they are determined by logical thinking.

Gold sheen obsidian is also a great stone for those who have problems with their respiratory system, heart or stomach – it will definitely help in detoxifying your body when you’ll hold this crystal on certain points of your skin (like I’ve mentioned earlier gold sheen obsidian works as an overall healer).

Another important thing about gold sheen obsidian is that it has properties which give support in times of change so if you feel like something big is going to happen either good or bad then bring out your golden friend because he will be there for you no matter what happens!

How To Cleanse Gold Obsidian

It is important that you learn to cleanse your gold obsidian crystal because it can accumulate negative energies over time so you don’t want to wear your crystals with any unwanted energy!

To cleanse gold obsidian all you need is a little bit of water and salt.

Place the stone in one cup filled with water then take another cup or small bowl and put some sea salt into that container. Now pick up both cups, hold them separately close to each other but not touching (you do this only if the stone has cracks) – now move their position around three times counterclockwise giving thanks for letting go of old energies while doing so – afterwards turn them clockwise three times releasing new & positive vibrations. Finally pour out half of the content from first cup back into its original source.

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